Building the Best Gaming PC for Flight SimX

Nowadays there are only a few flight simulators able to push the virtual flight closer to the reality. And one of them is Microsoft Flight Simulator X. To get pleasure from the flight you should build your gaming PC in a proper way. Let us get all this straightened out.

You must understand that the PC components should be matched properly to fly comfortably all types of aircraft, use any scripts in the sim. Otherwise, you take a chance to get a worse configuration than you’ve expected and, as a result, the computer performance may suffer. The following tips will help you build the best gaming PC for Flight Simulator X.


The Motherboard must have all the settings in the BIOS for its acceleration features. Therefore, if you choose the right motherboard, it should be with z68 and no indexes of LE or mATX.


The CPU should be chosen at least with 2700K per 100 MHz and more. So our recommendation is a quad core Haswell Core i7 like the 4790k. It has its impressive 4.0Ghz stock speed.

The better variant is if you choose the CPU without cooling system. It’s better to buy a cooler separately. The processor will accelerate, therefore don’t save on cooling. We recommend you to use the 240mm closed loop Liquicool 8.


The Memory should be no less than 8Gb.


Hard disk drives have become quite affordable SSD drives. For the system you can buy a 60GB SSD, be sure there is a bracket for installing into a 3.5″ and a set of screws. Here we will put Windows 7 Home Premium x64 operating system and this will be more than enough. Next, we need a disk for the simulator. Taking into account  experience to install all the available scenarios with different aircraft liveries, the disk of 240 Gb is enough. Why should you choose the SSD of 240Gb? Because the read / write speed is very high compared to conventional drives.


The Video card. Although it doesn’t play any role, but there is still a demand that the card must be with a chip Nvidia. The fact that when Radeons enter the clouds, the performance may drop significantly and there are certain difficulties in setting up anti-aliasing. For Nvidia cards there is an excellent Nvidia utility tool that helps to set smoothing in sims with a few clicks of mouse for gamers. We recommend NVIDIA’s 900 series.


Optical drives are not important in this case, so you can take any you like, from banal DVD-RW to the BD writer.

The power unit and computer casing. The PC power unit is one of the most important components. It is the core of your system that feeds all components and body, or if you have an inappropriate computer casing, there is a chance that the ventilation in it will be poor and your PC will overheat.


The Monitor is up to you. Here it is necessary to take into account the availability of free space to place it and how many of them you want to use. 24 inches is an optimal diagonal (1920×1080). Matrix should be from 2 to 8 ms. Other monitor features such as extra buttons, a web camera are not so important in simulators. Well, you can choose it based on your own preference.


The joystick is necessary for any simulator. Theoretically you can even buy a steering-wheel, a headset or the best gaming chair for your comfort.

Considering all the information above, you can build the best gaming PC for Flight Simulator!