FLIGHT TRAINING OPERATIONS, (“FTO”) is the first installment in the exciting new online multiplayer series – Combat Pilot. FTO represents the first step towards the goal of flying strike, carrier strike or other combat missions with your wingmen, squadron, and online community. Built on dedicated servers with a custom multiplayer engine, FTO provides:


  • A controlled true multiplayer environment with live chat
  • Over 25 nations to choose a career from
  • Training, missions and the chance to earn your wings
  • Graduate to Fighter Lead-in School in preparation for deployment to combat operations.

You begin as a new Cadet. As you progress, you will be given an opportunity to be promoted, receive citations and awards, and acquire Combat Pilot Experience.


Whether you elect to pursue a career as a Squadron Pilot or Command Pilot, all Cadets begin their flight training in the CP-T-6B and are assigned to NAS Whiting Field, in Pensacola, Florida. Your training will consist of 40 hours flown within the community and six to eight check rides (depending on career category selected) which will be flown in simulators.

Your flight training will be broken into two segments, Primary Flight Training and Advanced Flight Training. Primary Flight Training consists of basic flight skills including take-off, landings, and instrument scans. It is your first step to becoming and Combat Pilot. Advance Flight Training give you 40 more hours of intense training in ether the CP-T-38C or the CP-T-45C depending on the selected career and you will move your base of operations and be stationed at Sheppard AFB or NAS Pensacola.


Upon completion of Advanced Flight Training, you will, as a newly commissioned strike pilot report to NAS Fallon for fighter lead-in training in the CP-AT-6B.

  • Learn basic air-to-ground and air-to-air tactics. Air-to-ground range includes SAM site and a variety of harden-targets. Air-to-air includes both human and AI engagements
  • Basic Training: Rockets, Guns, and Side-Winder Mission (AIM 9)
  • Fly with your squadron and be apart of the greatest team
  • Intense training programs and challenging check rides ensure top combat pilot qualifications