About Combat Pilot

What is Combat Pilot and what makes it so special?

Your initial purchase of Combat Pilotfor $49.99 doesn’t just get you into the game, it buys you four top-notch aircraft including three from A2A, an internally developed F-18 when you graduate Fighter Lead-In and no less than seven military bases, all of which you can take with you and use in FSX, even if you’re not hooked from your first combat mission. In addition, you will get your first 30-days access to Combat Pilot. Start your career as a combat pilot.

What differentiates Combat Pilot from other FSX plug-ins and combat simulations are the true multiplayer combat and training experiences, structured missions, career development, and variety of aircraft. For the first time, we’ve created a turn-key online world where you can hang out and chat with your squadron before and during sorties, compare notes, and experience the camaraderie of being part of a real fighter squadron. Multiplayer means exactly that… you can see everyone’s aircraft, fly in formation with them and use weapons both in training and simulated combat. Through the robust rewards system, you can earn rank and progress to new features of the game.

Only the initial download costs $49.99. After that, it’s only $11.99 every 30 days, which you can cancel at any time. With your subscription you will get access to download all newly developed missions and content as we make them available.

You subscription includes everything you need (excluding FSX software which is sold separately) to enjoy Combat Pilot. At no point will you have to buy any further aircraft or scenery. We are working with premium aircraft developers including Razban, Just Flight, Aerosoft, Iris, and many more to create custom aircraft for Combat Pilot. These aircraft will be available for purchase in the game at a cost of between $8 and $20 per aircraft.

Your subscription also grants access to our multiplayer FSX engine and the full Combat Pilot experience; from initial training through earning your wings, choosing careers, special training operations, and of course, thrilling multiplayer combat missions. As new missions are developed, they will be included free with your Combat Pilot subscription.

Combat Pilot is available for pre-orderand will go live December 18, 2012. The pre-order bonuses are only available for limited time.